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Oil Change in High Prairie, AB

Oil Change in High Prairie

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Get Your Oil Changed in High Prairie at Big Lakes Dodge

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It’s Important to Change the Oil

You don’t have to be a car fanatic to know this. It’s important to keep your car in good shape by getting an oil change on a regular basis. In order to combat debris, the oil filter is the first line of defence for the engine. With the correct manufacturer approved oil, consistent oil changes will ensure strong performance and longevity of your engine.

So stop by Big Lakes Dodge for your next oil change. Not only is it the go-to dealership for new and used vehicles in the High Prairie area in Alberta, it is also the premiere automotive car servicing centre. Our car technicians work hard to ensure your vehicle runs for many more years to come. Give us a call at 1-877-674-4364 to schedule your vehicle's next oil change!

Oil Change

Oil Change

Oil Change for Dummies

In simple terms, oil change is used to lubricate the engine instruments. Lubrication is important to prevent friction. Since the engine instruments are designed to rub against each other to generate energy. Engines use a lot of the oil and as a result, the engine oil will eventually break down and can no longer provide lubrication. What happens without lubrication? The engine instruments will continue to rub against each other until it causes severe damages and then stops working altogether. The key takeaway here is to ensure fresh oil is added to the engines on a regular basis to ensure proper lubrication.

Oil Change

A Small Price to Pay

Oil changes won’t break the bank. On average, an oil change will cost between twenty and fifty dollars. This is for convention oil. For synthetic oil, the price will almost be double the price but you’re getting stronger performing oil. If you’re unsure which type of oil is right for your car, you can refer to the owners manual of your vehicle. Generally speaking, as long as you keep up with your regular oil changes, using conventional oil will be fine for most vehicles. The twenty to fifty dollars you spend on oil changes will save you a large amount down the road. Heck, a lot of mechanics like us, we will include other life-extending services like tire pressure inspections.

Oil Change

Find a Mechanic You Trust

When you’re speaking to a car mechanic, you might feel like they’re up-selling you with other unnecessary services, like replacing the air filter, hose, and transmission fluid. Sure, there are some mechanics out there who are there to make an extra dollar. That’s why it’s important to find a car mechanic you trust. Often times, the suggestions are in the best interest of your car so you won’t be spending more money in a few months because your car broke down on the highway. If you decide to get your oil changed at Big Lakes Dodge, we promise to only offer services that will benefit your car, and not just to make more money. You can definitely trust our mechanics and car technicians.

Get your Oil Changed at Big Lakes Dodge

When your vehicle requires a checkup or need some solid advice, bring it to Big Lakes Dodge’s Service Department.

Our car technicians will give you the advice you need to better understand the issues your vehicle is having, or simply providing useful information. At Big Lakes Dodge, our facilities are top notch and have all the tools to keep your vehicle on the road for many years.

In addition to oil changes, here are all the other fantastic services we provide:

Tire Rotation
Tune Ups
Transmission Replacements
Battery Installation
And Many More...

At Big Lakes Dodge, we are here for support, advice, and customer service that stands above the competition. We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon.

Oil Change